Devices for blood testing and ECG measurement: main events in mHealth

Devices for blood testing and ECG measurement: main events in mHealth

New products can analyze cancer cells, cure incontience, and measure ECG. Read about the latest events in the field of medical technologies in the digest below.

Prototype of wearable device that analyzes cancer cells found in blood

device that analyzes cancer cells found in blood

Researchers from the University of Michigan presented a prototype of the wearable device that can analyze cancer cells taken from blood.

The device is made of a microcontroller, a heparin injector, a peristaltic pump, and a module designed to capture circulating tumor cells. Component parts are stored in the 3D-printed casing and the device is controlled through a special app.

The blood is routed from the peripheral vein to the device and then back. In such a way, the device can perform screening of the big volume of blood with minimal losses.

Device that cures incontience went for sale

Device that cures incontience

InControl Media started sales of muscle stimulator Attain that allows women to get rid of incontience. The device can be used at home.

Attain stimulates pelvic floor muscles at certain frequencies, whereas light indicators and visual prompts allow for a simple and convenient use.

This therapy will allow many patients to avoid surgical and medical treatment.

Smart belt helps to lead healthy lifestyle

Smart belt

Korean startup Welt presented a smart belt for trousers that monitors health of the wearer.

The device looks like an ordinary leather belt, however built-in sensors register waist circumference, level of activity, and hyperalimentation. Besides, the device measures the number of steps and burned calories.

Collected data and recommendations on the improvement of lifestyle are sent to the user smartphone. The device is available for $249.

Stethoscope Eko for ECG measurement went for sale

Stethoscope Eko for ECG

Eko presented Eko DUO stethoscope that can measure ECG. The device registers electrocardiography intervals and systolic time intervals allowing diagnosing cardiac failure.

The device collects data and sends it to doctors for analysis through a smartphone or a tablet. Eko DUO works with special earphones that do not place pressure upon ears and can monitor heart performance within 9 hours non-stop on a single charge. The device costs $349.

First auto darkening lenses

auto darkening lenses

Johnson&Johnson Vision unveiled Acuvue Oasis contact lenses that can adapt to the illumination level.

Two-week lenses can respond to changing levels of ultraviolet light. They adapt to lighting within 90 seconds.

The manufacturer says that the product allows eyes to restore quicker after aggressive sunlight. Lenses will go for sale in April.

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